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Get Into It: Gotu Kola

Gotu Kola. What is it? Do I need it? Why have I never heard of it? 

Gotu Kola is my favorite skincare ingredient at the moment, even though I had never even heard of it till a few weeks ago. So I decided to research and learn everything I could! 

Gotu Kola is scientifically known as Centella asiatica. Its common name is Asiatic pennywort. It is a member of the apiaceae plant family (more commonly recognized as the parsley family). Another name for it is Mandukaparni. For the purpose of this article, I will refer to it as GK throughout. 

GK is native to India, Japan, China, Indonesia, South Africa, Sri Lanka, and the South Pacific. It thrives in wetlands, so it makes sense that it is easily and widely recognized in tropical and subtropical areas even though most people in the United States have probably never heard of it. 

The Chinese refer to GK as the “fountain of life” because according to legend, herbalists who took it daily lived to be over 200 years old! The Chinese also traditionally used it to treat syphilis, hepatitis, stomach ulcers, mental fatigue, epilepsy, diarrhea, fever, and asthma. 

GK is high in triterpenoids. Triterpenoids are anti- rheumatic, antipyretic, antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory. These properties make GK an excellent go to for healing wounds, and treating skin conditions. Triterpenoids work by strengthening the skin’s barrier, boosting antioxidants, and increasing circulation to the area where it is used. Studies have also shown these same triterpenoids effective as an anti anxiety when taken internally. 

At this point any of you who follow me regularly are, I’m sure ready for me to get to the point. All of the things I listed above make it the gold standard, best of the best, cream of the crop ingredient for treating many skin ailments which is my true passion in my office. In addition to working wonders for eczema and psoriasis by inhibiting proinflammatory cytokines, it shows remarkable results in treating wrinkles and firming saggy skin. GK inhibits cellulite formation by stimulating new collagen synthesis and increasing blood circulation therefore boosting collagen production. The increased collagen improves elasticity providing structural support. The antioxidant activity in GK helps heal the skin’s micro barrier, which helps reduce trans epidermal water loss, which helps more water stay bonded to the skin making skin more hydrated. The same

antioxidants fight free radicals helping prevent sun damage and skin cancer. Additionally it’s antibacterial and antiviral properties make GK an excellent natural astringent that gently detoxifies the skin. GK is also a natural skin lightener reducing the appearance of hyperpigmentation and scarring. With regular use, GK can reduce the appearance of stretch marks. 

I really enjoyed writing this blog because it made me research an ingredient within our line that we use A LOT, but that I had limited knowledge of. I hope you enjoyed learning about it as much as I did! 

We have several products in our line that contain this gold standard ingredient: 

1. CBD Receptions Mask 

2. Intensive Rescue Cream 

3. Luminous Peptide Serum 

4. MajaFirm 

5. Super Firming Cream 

All of those products above are in my medicine cabinet at home, and among my favorite go-to’s. 

So what do you think? Do you need Gotu Kola in your life? 

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