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Don’t go green with envy, go Green in March by supporting sustainable fashion entrepreneurs who are helping to make a difference in the world!

Fashion isn’t just about looking good and feeling good, your purchases support other businesses so they can thrive!  I chose to spotlight RubyMoon out of the UK to go green for March not only because their fashion for the gym is focused on an elegant and sophisticated edge, but they are also manufactured and made from sustainable materials that would otherwise harm our planet.  In short, they are using the bad for good!  

As featured in Forbes Magazine, “Each brand creates a different impact…RubyMoon makes products from recycled fishing nets.  This supports the removal of waste from our oceans.”  They use waste nylon and plastics that would eventually find their way into our food chain, turning pollution into something beautiful!  Their swimwear lasts longer compared to other brands too!  

What makes them truly special is that Ruby Moon helps to empower women entrepreneurs in eleven nations! They say they are a social enterprise for women powered by women cleaning up oceans and empowering women entrepreneurs around the world which makes them someone I want to support!

Ladies, this is the time of the year to start working on your summer bodies!  Get your gym style on track as well as your swim style and feel good about where it’s coming from by supporting a great business while looking sexy and confident this summer!  

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