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When entering the pink ‘Valentino” inspired, studded double doors at the headquarters of the POSH PR office, you might think that this could possibly just be the most incredible office space you could ever see. With pure white marble adorning the walls and high-end furnishings throughout, the decor has a hint of pink, and of course the whimsey of Barbie. However, according to Head Doll Caroline Kalentzos, the entire design of her office oasis has a back story and there is specific intent for every detail. This is also the case for her own story and how she became one of the most successful business entrepreneurs and CEOs in the industry.

As I turn into her office, this stunning tall blonde greets me with a crystal flute of her favorite champagne. Of course, this is the beverage of choice, after all Caroline has a trademark on “Champagne is Always the Answer”.

I remember the first time I saw Caroline in person several years ago, I was taken back by her physical beauty and charisma. However, the more I got to know her personally, I quickly determined this beautiful lady is much so more than the color pink and lipstick.

So, what’s really behind the marble walls and all of that pink? Caroline’s daily influences in her life are God and her mother. Her faith has played a vital part in all aspects of her life, including the creation of POSH PR. 

Sitting down to do this interview, the two of us talk a lot about her background. 

Caroline considers Louisville, Kentucky her original home, however Moseley, Virginia is now her home and where her company headquarters is located.

The story behind her highly successful company starts about nine years ago. 

At age 26, Caroline was the national sales manager for a medical sales company, making a high six figure salary. One afternoon, while relaxing in her pool on a flamingo float, she called her mother and told her “Momma, I want to help female entrepreneurs live their dream life and make money while they are doing it!”

With that, Caroline decided to put her vision into action. “Nine years ago, I built POSH PR around all of the things I love” she says. Posh PR is Caroline and Caroline is Posh PR. They are truly one in the same. 

The philosophy behind her company is the belief that she can help her clients believe they can do what they actually want to do with their own businesses. She honestly views each one of her clients as her “Business BFF’s”, being there for each one of them anytime and any day to help them build their dream into a reality. However, there is one important factor she says that her clients must know when they begin their journey. “They have to know the why”, she says. “They have to be connected to the why. The real story and intention behind why they want to start their company”

She is passionate when she speaks about this and her belief in helping women believe in themselves. On the porcelain floor in the foyer of the Posh HQ there is an embossed insignia that says, “You have what Barbie dreams are made of.” She is inspired by the Barbie doll because “Barbie represents everybody. Barbie can do anything.” 

When creating inspirational posts for her social media accounts Caroline claims that she is 

not only speaking to her followers, but she is also talking to herself. Reminding them and reminding herself to have the right attitude and approach to their daily life and business life. You might read her posts and see “Change your mindset, change the world.” or “You are ENOUGH, forever WORTHY, beyond BEAUTIFUL and you’re freaking KILLING IT”. Caroline truly tries to empower and inspire others. 

Also, it is important to understand that every aspect of her company was created with intention, including the design of her vast office space. One of the most impressive and meaningful designs in this space, is the story behind the beautiful white marble staircase that leads down to the bar area. This gorgeous staircase consists of non “book matched” marble so that when the client walks down the stairs the veins of the marble are broken and not connected, however as soon as they arrive at the bottom, they see a design in the marble of the bar which is” book matched” and in the shape of a perfect diamond. The message in that marble design is “You are a diamond, and we will bring that out in you”. And so, the full-service creative agency has literally helped numerous clients to fulfill Caroline’s mission.

What exactly made for the turning point in the development of this highly successful creative content company? “Truly the second I gave my business to God, it turned into something that I couldn’t even imagine” states Caroline. In fact, she prays the same prayer every day in every decision she makes in her personal life and in her business life.

“Lord help meet know what to do. When to do it and how to do it.”

As far as Caroline’s “me time”, she is a self-professed homebody, nerd, and mama’s girl. She loves opera music and old school hip hop. She also loves to eat beets and of course, loves to work. Her and husband Costa built their dream house to be their sanctuary and when she is not traveling for work, you will sometimes catch her sitting in her cabana drinking champagne.

When I asked her the one thing that people seem to be surprised about when they meet her? She laughs and says “they say wow! You’re really nice and you’re really smart!”

I would also like to add to that “Wow, you are really beautiful and really inspiring!”

You see, Caroline is very much like the doll which adorns her walls and shelves. “Barbie” really can be and do everything!