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For many of us, 2020 gave us an opportunity to reacquaint ourselves with our skin.  Now that we are roaring into 2021, we have a newfound respect for daily routines and this includes caring for our skin. Many people have been stuck at home during the pandemic and this has given us time to add (or even begin) new skincare regimens into our daily lives. While it is hard to predict what the rest of 2021 will look like, we do have a good idea of which skincare trends are on the rise. 

 ‘Maskne’ Treatments 

 Wearing a facemask has become a natural accessory, worn alongside those new earrings and as fashionable as that chic new scarf. Unfortunately, a common side effect of wearing masks for long periods is acne. Most of us have experienced some form of acne at one time or another. There are many causes of acne, but the newest form that has been coined as “maskne”, has been on the rise. Most of us are wearing some type of face-covering on a daily basis and have noticed breakouts around the mouth and chin. Depending on the mask material, irritated skin compounds acne. One of the best ways to avoid breakouts is to make sure that you have a clean face covering every day. Bacteria live in warm moist environments, causing dirt and oil to become trapped. Wearing make-up can make the situation worse. It is extremely important to use products that will gently clean away makeup and kill bacteria such as cleansers that contain willow bark, a natural form of salicylic acid. Eminence Organics Clear Skin line is a great option, containing ingredients such as willow bark, yogurt, tea tree oil, and cucumber juice. These key ingredients will not only help kill bacteria but calm inflammation, a major cause of acne.

 A compliment to a good cleanser is a nourishing moisturizer. During the early spring months, the air is still very dry, and dry skin is especially sensitive. Regular mask-wearing can irritate sensitive skin, causing more breakouts. Aim for a moisturizer with calming and nourishing ingredients, such as lingonberry seed oil, evening primrose oil, and hibiscus flower extract.

Blue Light Skincare Protection 

 Inflammation, aka “inflammaging” is another cause for concern. We already know that exposure to sunlight can cause inflammation, but did you also know that just looking at your computer screen or device can also cause inflammation? The blue wavelengths that are emitted cause stress to our skin and it reacts by producing stress in our skin. Stress triggers redness and swelling and can cause a breakdown of collagen and elastin and increases the risk of hyperpigmentation. One way you can help your skin fight off free radicals is to wear sunscreen every day. Using sunscreen will not only protect you from the harmful rays of the sun, but some SPF’s provide protection from blue wavelengths from electronic devices. A client favorite is the Lilikoi Daily Defense moisturizer by Eminence Organics with SPF 40. This sunscreen is formulated with cocoa seed extract and contains non-nano zinc oxide to help protect from skin exposed to blue light stress and pollution. 

Transparency and Eco-friendly Skincare Products 

 There is increasing and continued awareness of eco and sustainability practices within the health and beauty industry. Consumers are just as concerned about what they are put on their body as what they are put in it, and that includes the packaging they come in. If Eco-friendly ingredients play an important role when considering which skincare line to use, we recommend looking for plant-based, organic products that not only make your skin feel amazing but contribute to the impact it has on the environment. The Eminence Organic skincare line is natural and organic and can treat every aspect of skincare needs. The packaging is made from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified recycled material, and printed with vegetable inks. They also plant a tree for every product purchased and have used their organic gardens in Hungary to feed children with cancer. Scents of Serenity Organic Spa has partnered with Eminence Organics, donating over 15,000 trees. Their safe and effective products continue to make an impact not only on your skin but in the world. 

 As our community embraces 2021 with hope and excitement, take a little time every day to spend on yourself. Whether it is being present while exfoliating or adding a moisturizer with SPF to your décolleté, make self-care a priority. Using organic and environmentally sustainable products is another way to feel good about taking care of yourself. 

Professional information and education, courtesy of Tracy Finnie. Tracy is a Master Esthetician and Trainer at Scents of Serenity Organic Spa, Grove Avenue location. With over 25 years of experience, Tracy has worked with a multitude of skin types and skincare challenges. Her experience in medical esthetics, as well as day spas, has allowed her to combine advanced aesthetic treatments with relaxing, results-oriented facial massage techniques, providing transformative results and taking skincare services to a whole new level.