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Hello Virginia! 

I am Confidently Courtney: boss babe by day, pageant queen and advocate by night. I’m a life coach, PR gal, and spin class aficionado. But my friends know me as, Court. I’m your newest contributing columnist bringing you confidence and style tips with hopefully a little humor along the way.

I’ve spent the better part of the time I’ve been forced to “adult” cultivating my Southern-girl-Meets-Big-City style on a budget forced on me by student loans and high housing costs in Northern Virginia. I’ve worked to find ways to employ my pageant background and PR skills to convey confidence in everything I do – even if I’m not feeling it in that moment. Or attempt to do, because let’s be honest we all fail. Why not fail with style? 

I’ve come about it honestly in my life. I’ve been that girl that’s been stopped nearly every day during my workday, as I am sprinting to meetings around the Pentagon, while wearing stilettos and [permanent] lash extensions, because alas I looked lost an out of place. Yet, continued to wear said stilettos as part of my “uniform.” I’ve also been the girl who dressed homelier earlier in my career to be “taken more seriously,” only to realize I was wasting my 20s dressing in mumus and flats. 

I don’t believe in assimilating with the masses or attempting to be anything other than who we are. And I want to challenge you to do the same – be as extra or as basic as you choose to be – just be authentic to who you are. You’ll feel more confident and bolder because of it.  

I want to leave you with three spring trends to help give you an empowered boss babe look.

  1. Transition Trench. The right transition coat can make you look chic and cultured for your next board meeting or date night. I have one from last season in Millennial Pink that I absolutely adore. 
  2. Chucks. Nothing says, “I’ve got this!” more than walking in with skinny jeans, a fitted blazer and a clean pair of Chucks. Our newest VP Kamala is setting trends this spring and giving our arches a rest! I have my eyes on a rose gold pair. Natch. 
  3. Monochromatic Suits. I’m seeing this everywhere from runways to the inauguration (hello JLo). Monochromatic outfits were meant to be the hit of 2020 until we all wore our Lululemons for 38 or so weeks straight. There is something so effortlessly chic about this look. It just oozes old Hollywood. I’m loving a neutral tone or 2021’s Pantone color illuminating (bright yellow). 

My hope is that you keep coming back because find my column 1) empowering, 2) entertaining and 3) useful. Good luck with your spring looks, post your #OOTD and tag me, and get out there and take up some space!

Confidently yours,