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With 2020 behind us, there are a few fashion forward items that you may want to bring into 2021!  From Europe to the US, here are a few staple pieces for your New Year!  The trends for 2021 were debuted virtually from most fashion designers during fashion week due to the pandemic, but that didn’t stop them from revealing the biggest trends for the year ahead!  Whether you are working from home or running errands, we must dress up and show up!  Not only does it help you to feel better on the inside for your mental health, but you never know who you might bump into when you’re out and about!  Be ready to slay your style!  

Black and white belong together.  Designers have brought in the new year with the ever so crisp and contrasting black and white for simplicity and clarity in 2021.  Whether you are donning a checkered pattern, color blocking patterns or simply pairing a white top with black bottoms, this style is a winner for casual to glam!   

When puff is good.  The puffy quilted coats are back in this year!  With winter still upon us, this trend is sure to keep you warm!  The pillow puff outwear coats can be worn casual or dressed up.  It’s all about what’s underneath!  Accessorize with a pop of color or a chain draped belt, which is also a big hit this year to add some floss to your fashion!   

The upgraded sweatshirt!  We all know that sweatshirts and sweatpants were worn during some of your zoom calls, so the designers got your memo and have added this cozy selection to the list of must haves!  The upgrade is in the dresses this year with comfortable sweatshirt and sweater dresses that have a fashion twist with puff sleeves to keep you stylish on your zoom calls and comfortable while running around town! 

Midriffs exposed!  Bralettes are becoming a staple piece for your closet with exposed midriffs exposed!  With so many different styles and materials to choose from, bralettes are being used as a fashion statement with layers, under blazers or worn like the old school crop top to give a sexy yet sophisticated look.  Keep it classy and a statement necklace to give the look a runway vibe for your night out on the town!