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If brows could talk, they may have some very interesting stories to tell about their journey which may even lead to a back-and-forth argument. Brows are known to be more like sisters or even cousins when it comes to identity-not twins. Thickness, shapes, colors, and trends have all impacted the overall progress of our journey.

Brows can make a statement when it comes to the focal point of your face.  One simple way to balance and frame the overall shape of the face is proper grooming. You do not have to be an expert when it comes to shaping the brow.  The right tools, products, and techniques will be a great start to maintain your shape. Here are 4 easy steps on how to groom your brows within the comforts of your home.


The basis for every good eyebrow shape is having the right tools.  Create your brow kit with a spoolie brush, stainless-steel tweezers, small brow scissors, and a brow pencil. Brow gel is also great to include when it comes to visualizing your shape and securing it into place. It is important to cleanse your face before you start to remove any residue or even makeup.  We do not want to miss those tiny hairs that may be thin or light in color. Be sure to cleanse your tools after each use as well to prevent unwanted residue. Hop into an area with good lighting and you are ready to get started.


Brow mapping is an easy guide to create a shape that will allow you to see more balance and symmetry in your face.  When mapping out the brow you want to target the head (start), arch, and tail (end). With tools already set up, use your tweezers and brow pencil as a guide.

First, hold tweezers from the corner of your nose, connecting to the inner corner of your eye.  This is where your eyebrows should start.  Make a small mark to help later when you begin shaping.

For the arch, look straight ahead and angle the tweezers from the outermost corner of the nose straight up through the center of the eye. This is where your brow arch should be, so leave a little mark there also.  No worries about how high or low the arch will be.  Determine that later as a personal preference to your shape.

For the tail, hold the tweezer at the outermost part of the nose to the outermost part of the eye.  This will be where your brows will end.  The head and tail will meet creating a balanced brow.


Now that you have a good idea of where your brow shape should be, you can move forward with tweezing the outside areas.  The mission is to get rid of those stray hairs on the brow bone areas or even above the arch and tail points.  Use both hands by holding the skin taut with one and tweezing the hairs gently with the other.

Take your time but not too much time.  Overthinking the process can lead to overplucking or even frustration.  The closer you get to brow shape, there may be some hairs you think twice about removing.  If that is the case leave the hair! As you become better at maintaining your brows you will know which hairs should fall into place.  A great tip is to take a look into a larger mirror during the process to evaluate if you are heading in the right direction of shaping the brow.


The next step is to trim away any long or curly hairs that stick out.  Using the spoolie, brush the brows upward to see the hairs that stand out from the rest. You want to give those a snip with your small scissors.  Using brow gel tends to help hold the hairs in place to better see which hairs need the trim.  Do not feel overwhelmed when doing so because, this too, is not a step you want to overthink.  Cutting too much can cause your brows to be off-balance or even spotty. When in doubt, leave it be.


Once you have cleaned up your eyebrows, it is time to give a little more definition to the brows by filling them in. Whether you use a brow pencil, gel, powder, or pomade making light, hair-like strokes are very important.  Make sure your pencil is sharp and your brushes are angled with fine tips.  Remember, your guide is the points created during mapping.

The head of the brow should be thicker as the tail of the brow becomes narrower with shape.  To reduce distinct round or square-shaped brows, lightly brush your spoolie through to create a softer look. The goal is to make the brow as natural as possible. For extra security, coat the brows with clear brow gel for a more finished look.

There you have it, easy steps to maintain your brows on your own.  You will be surprised how just a minor brush of the brow can transform your facial features.  Do not overthink the process because you can always seek out a professional to assist.  Brow consultations and transformations are my favorites, so go ahead, book your appointment today!