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When it comes to finding your style, beauty is one area we often find challenging. Trends, products, tools, and techniques are constantly changing and evolving how we view beauty in general. With all the latest must-have items you may find yourself in a non-stop task of experimenting with no resolution of how to really get started.

If you want to know how to create your own beauty style take a look at these key tips:


We often forget we already have what it takes to get started even without the collection of products and tools we have purchased via social media ads. Finding your beauty style begins with taking a good look at your own beautiful features. Maybe it is the warm or cool hues in your eyes giving a sparkle every time you blink. Maybe it is the fullness of your cheeks or lips reflecting bold colors so well when you apply products. You cannot deny the superpower of natural, sun-kissed highlights in the hair after each summer vacation. Whatever it may be, make sure you love your chosen feature because it will make it so much easier to enhance.


Whether the shape of your face leans more towards oval, heart, rectangle, or diamond the right haircut/style can bring out even more personality of your features. Framing the face with your hair creates a flattering focal point that draws attention to the eyes. Common ways to frame your face could be simple as getting a haircut that balances your facial shape or hair color that compliments your skin tone. Styling can be simple as doing an at-home blow-out or scheduling an appointment with your stylist to enhance those natural curls. 

Hairstyling is on the daily to-do list, but eyebrows are too. An everyday brush of the brow is a great way to also frame and compliment your face shape. If eyes are your best feature, take a little time to pluck those stray hairs or visit your local professional to create an amazing shape to show off those eyes.


Pinterest and Instagram are only a tap away when it comes to finding inspiration these days. No one said you must stick with one particular look for the rest of your life. Inspiration is an amazing guide to enhance your beauty style. Take the time to search for pictures similar to your style and personality as a seasonal guide. 

If you have blue eyes or curly hair try searching those specific categories to get a better range of results. Tap into following beauty bloggers that give great feedback and reviews on the latest products and trends to reduce overloading your online cart. Do not be scared to dive into new colors or styles that compliment your beauty features. Seasons change and so do we. Create the board, buy the products, and experiment with something new.


Jealousy can set in quickly when we see trending smokey eyes with fluttering mink lashes. Let us not forget the power of the “full beat” face with blended contour and gleaming highlight. If you are anything like the minimalist, on-the-go women, less is definitely more. Emphasizing your natural beauty will cut down on the extra steps when you really do not have the time or skill to do so. Take a few extra minutes to apply 2-3 coats of mascara to those beautiful, long lashes. Bring your lipstick with you everywhere to maintain a luscious pout and do not skip the highlight on your natural, glowing skin. Find what speaks to you and stick to it daily. 


One thing to always remember you are never alone in this journey. There is a well-known secret to help you identify your beauty style: Seek a professional. As they often say “two eyes are better than one” when it comes to identifying things that may enhance your beauty. Your local makeup artist, hairstylist, esthetician, and even wardrobe stylist are valuable when it comes to creating your own look. Searching the internet after hours can be tiring but professionals are trained in all areas of beauty and stay up on the latest trends. Beauty consultations are not only informative but so much fun!

Beauty and style are just ways to show your personality externally. Looks speak for themselves when it comes to beautiful eyes, heart-shaped lips, or long coils. All those features bring the focal point to our faces which often gets the attention of others. As trends change or circle back from different decades, it is always great to feel inspired to enhance your natural beauty. Most of the time we do not have to overdo our beauty style with lots of products or techniques because a simple stroke of a brush may be all we need. There are so many resources to help enhance your beauty style but never forget, when in doubt seek a professional out!