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His Grace Is Sufficient

Ten years ago, if someone would have told LaTilda Owens that she would be used by God to show others how to trust Him and unapologetically show up in every circumstance, she would have laughed. Though she believed in her purpose and understood that God could do the impossible, never did she imagine that He would birth a ministry out of her during one of her lowest moments. 

In January of 2016, she entered the biggest faith walk of her life. She was diagnosed with Stage 5 kidney disease, and she was pregnant. It was as if she had been kicked in the gut with this news. Should she terminate the pregnancy or trust God to give her the desires of her heart? LaTilda chose the latter. Her daughter Charleigh Grace was born, and she began the tough journey of waiting on God’s “YES”. 

Waiting on a “YES” from God wasn’t an easy feat. There were moments when her body didn’t want to cooperate with what her mind aspired to do. LaTilda suffered through moments of uncertainty and fatigue. There were hospital stays and seasons where dialysis took over her life. Yet, every day, she made a conscious decision to “trust God” and rely on the undeniable power of “His Grace is Sufficient.” This disease didn’t stop her from being the best wife and mother that she could for her family. Whatever she lacked in strength, God provided in support from her family and friends. Her faith didn’t waver. 

It was while in the valley that LaTilda gained a better understanding of who she was and what she was called to do. She had a background in accounting. Before her diagnosis, she was a business consultant, operations manager and chief fiscal and budget analyst. While going through dialysis, LaTilda launched her business LHO Business Solutions.  While waiting on God for a new kidney, she helped individuals start their businesses. Her company was able to provide accounting, human resources, IT and cyber security services.  She prided herself in showing the faithfulness of God through every business encounter. 

Though she was doing amazing work, God said “there’s more.” It was time to share her story of faith. Had she received a new kidney? No. That didn’t mean that God wasn’t up to something phenomenal in her life. LaTilda not receiving a new kidney didn’t mean that her journey wouldn’t give hope to someone suffering through their own tough time. This waiting period taught her so much that she knew she had to share it with the world. In 2020, she gave birth to the SAVED BY GRACE MOVEMENT and started to write her book.


n her book, LaTilda gives the reader an intimate look into her life and reveals how statistics and medical professional input have nothing on the will of God.   She is a true testament that with FAITH and the power of grace, all things are possible.  If you need tips and strategies to help you tackle some of your toughest seasons, SAVED BY GRACE is available for you. Purchase your copy today!

Saved by Grace is available now for purchase on

Amanda Eaddy McKeithan is a storyteller, writing coach and creative consultant in Richmond, VA. She is the founder of The Literary Enthusiast Creative Firm, LLC where she teaches the busy, professional woman how to SECURE and INCREASE their income through the power of storytelling. She shows them how to creatively change the world through ghostwriting, coaching and pushing them to share their stories on and off of social media. Changing the world through her creative works has always been her dream since she was 17 years old. Amanda is the proud author of 9 self-published titles, 6 titles under Amanda Eaddy Oliver and 2 under Amanda Eaddy. Her newest book, “Shaka Loves Mama” is written under Amanda Eaddy McKeithan. Her ultimate goal is to create short films and documentaries that highlight the lives of black women under Storytelling in RVA films and Just Amanda Productions. She believes that every woman has a story that needs to be heard. Each story bravely told changes the world. She strives to mentor and encourage women to change their environments by changing their daily narratives. Amanda's story matters because it encourages others to push past their pain with mustard seed faith. She is the survivor of physical, emotional and sexual abuse. Depression and anxiety has tried to kill her. Nonetheless, Amanda continues to grow through her pain, not afraid of starting over. No matter what, she knows that she can always begin again. She is the proud recipient of the 2018 Allen, Allen, and Allen Hometown Hero and the 2021 YWCA Rising Outstanding Women Award for her work with young women. Amanda Eaddy McKeithan is determined to leave a legacy for her family through her voice, works and passion for change. She is truly The Literary Enthusiast!