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The Book Of Angels

If you take a quick glance at almost any form of media, you may spot one of these ladies. They have appeared in several TV commercials, walked the catwalk of some of the cities most notable designers and have been featured in several magazines throughout the state of Virginia. 

These ladies are definitely the epitome of a Top Model. But their expertise doesn’t commence and conclude on the runway. Stated plainly, there’s a whole lot of brains behind these beauties.  

One notable is Dr. Michelle Vokac Lynam, an anesthesiologist at Commonwealth Anesthesia Associates. She also holds the title of Dr. World 2022. Dr. Lynam says, 

“I’m an anesthesiologist, married to a surgeon with three daughters.” 

Like most of these women, Dr. Lynam’s career came first. Modeling just popped up. 

“I stumbled into modeling in my 40’s. While backstage at a runway show with my daughters, about 6 years ago, I kept getting confused for one of the models. I explained that I was just chaperoning my daughters and I was too old. I got my courage up to try-out for the next fashion show and I discovered what a passion I have for it. Beauty has no age!”

Within this bunch, there are some ladies who have turned their passion for fashion into their careers. Model Coach Brickell French has been in the field for 14 years. When she’s not on the runway, she’s helping others find their stride. 

“I genuinely care about models’ experiences in the industry,” she says. “It’s important for me to pass on the knowledge that I have gained to help the next model to succeed.”