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Long before the pandemic hit in the Spring of 2020, many fashion consumers and sellers were tapping into the idea of luxury brands on a resale level. In fact, with the creation of resale websites such as Tradesy, The Real Real, and Rent The Runway it has become clear that there is a very viable market for high-end, previously owned designer apparel and accessories. 

Many savvy fashionistas are finding that purchasing slightly used or previously owned designer apparel, in reality, is a very sound investment and a great way to keep up with ever-changing designer trends for a fraction of the cost.

For instance, according to “Business Upturn” in the year 2020, the top designers who fetched the best resell price tags were:
10.) Prada
9.) Burberry
8.) Yves Saint Laurent
7.) Dior
6.) Cartier
5.) Rolex
4.) Gucci
3.) Hermes
2.) Chanel
1.) Louis Vuitton 

One very important topic in today’s fashion industry is that of sustainability. With so many changing trends in garments and accessories, there is a real shift in the emphasis of how we as consumers, can make better choices in our buying decisions. More people are thinking about how they can actually extend the cycle of apparel and accessories. One very eye-opening statistic is that every year it is estimated that on average, every American will throw away about 81 pounds of clothing. This results in about 26 billion pounds ending up in landfills. Recycling has been and will continue to become of vital importance in the fashion industry. 

Many big names are jumping on board the resell and recycling trend. Just recently, American designer Ralph Lauren became the first luxury brand to launch a new certified rental service called “The Lauren Look”, where for $125.00 a month, the consumer can try on, rent, or buy an unlimited amount of selected fashions from the famous designer, right in their own home.

Many prospective buyers want to actually touch and see the items, which they are investing in. They are reluctant to buy a luxury item online without actually being able to see it firsthand. This is also now the trend we are seeing with brick and mortar stores offering luxury resale departments. 

The added benefit in buying from a reputable luxury resell dealer, such as “The Luxe Agency” by Very Ashley, is the confidence of having the item authenticated. This guarantees that the item, which you are purchasing, is real and has gone through a strict process to validate it to be genuine, giving the buyer confidence in their purchase.

So all of you fashionistas out there, if you are thinking about treating yourself to a luxury designer brand bag or apparel, consider buying it resell. You can save money, help the environment, and best of all you can… BE FABULOUS!