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In the world of both fashion and beauty, hair trends can be one of the most important statements of all. However, with the COVID virus pandemic, these trends may look a little different this year. 

According to Melissa Black, owner of the award-winning Bombshell Salons, her salons are finding that clients are seeking overall more low maintenance cuts and color services where the hair grow out is slow. 

Bombshell is seeing other major trends as a result of the pandemic, as well. Co-Director of Hair at Bombshell, Ashley Turner, says she definitely sees 5 major trends going on with clients in her chair right now.

1.The Big Chop 

Many people grew out their hair when quarantined at home and some are still not going into the salon on a regular basis. As a result, clients are wanting drastic cuts in their hair length.

“This was the first thing I noticed from the majority of my clients when we opened the doors again. I had several (clients) that cut over 10 inches off of their hair! It was a mix of wanting a drastic change and also from being months since their last hair cut” says Turner.

2. Grey Transitioning Highlights and Low Lights. 

Many individuals were having to skip their salon appointments during quarantine and as a result, decided to let mother nature take over. One of the most popular ways was to allow their natural gray or natural root color to grow out.

Gray transitioning color is a mix of platinum baby lights, highlights, and lowlights to mimic the client’s natural hair color pattern.  Low Lights which are deep, darker tones added to the existing hair color can help when a client has darker hair. By adding these tones, it can make the grow out seem softer. A less harsh transition from dark roots to blonde highlights.

Turner says that these are practical approaches since many clients have gone months since covering their roots and wanting “lower maintenance hair for the unpredictable future.” I personally knew of several friends who decided to take the plunge and slowly grow out their gray hair. As a result, they are really enjoying their new look and new found freedom from coloring their hair on a regular basis.

3. Balayage Highlights/ Rooted Highlights 

Balayage highlights and different versions of root highlights were very popular prior to COVID and now they are even more so. Balayage is a method of hair highlighting that was originally created by French colorists and has the flexibility to be subtle in the case that changing the all over hair color is not desired. 

Root highlights or “shadow roots” are when the hair is colored leaving the roots darker. Turner says this option is also a way for clients to limit their visits to the salon. 

“It’s great to be able to have the dimension with the easier maintenance of leaving the clients natural root color. For the clients that are still having to be in front of a video call on a regular basis, it’s a nice way to feel amazing without having to go into a salon every month.”

4. Naturally Curly Hair and Permed Waves 

Personally, I was very excited to see this trend becoming popular. Being a natural Curly Girl, this was my “go to” style since the pandemic began. Having the luxury of washing and easily styling my hair has led me and many others to embrace yet another option of allowing mother nature to take over. 

Do not have natural curls? Perms have also made a comeback to the hair scene in a big way.

“Having easy wash and go hair is becoming a staple. Why spend hours blow-drying, curling or flat ironing hair when you can get up, wash, scrunch in some curl cream and go” adds Turner, who also is a natural Curly Girl.

5. Color Blocking 

Color Blocking has been a statement in fashion for decades. Since the 1960’s designers have added blocks of different solid colors to prints to achieve almost a mod looking effect in their designs. Color Blocking in hair also uses this very same concept, using bright or contrasting colors to achieve an interesting look. 

Pops of bright colors, such a lime green or bright pink can be added to the hair for those who are looking to make a bold statement. However, if someone wants to experiment with color blocking without the severity, there are also other options, too.

“The more conservative client can use their natural brown hair with blocks of platinum; or the client that wants to have black hair can use blocks of magenta.”

Be on the lookout for some other very popular trends coming out this year, including the return of those 70’s favorites “Curtain Bangs” and “Shags”.